Defiance de Catherine M Walker

de Catherine M Walker - Género: English
libro gratis Defiance


When you imprison your enemy, ensure their chains are unbreakable.

Three civilisations on the brink of collapse, only one of them his own. Michael finds himself in the centre of the storm and the hope of all his allies. Much to his dismay, he's increasingly the one everyone turns to for help.

Khaliun returns to the Kallith's new home in the Heights to recruit more warriors for Michael, only to find her people have been betrayed. While in Vallantia Steven is desperately trying to resist Jaclyn's control and risks his life to keep passing information to the man he once hated.

Aiden has betrayed everyone and stolen the title of warlord. Safe within the walls of the Stronghold he gloats over his possession of both Damien and Isabella while Michael is off fighting against Sylanna alone.

With enemies in every direction, how will Michael and his Unwanted rise to the challenge and who will they save?

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