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Camilla Isley Publisher: Boldwood Books, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9781837519828,9781837519811,9781837519804,9781837519835,9781837519842,9781837519750,9781837519767,9781837519781

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We all get that moment where we wish a fictional man were real. But what happens when that character comes to life? Will it be everything we wanted it to be? This delightful light hearted and humorous enemies-to-lovers clean rom-com might be the thing for you! It also features magical realism and many beloved romance tropes. Fans of Ali Hazelwood and Tessa Bailey will enjoy this.
His smile is barely there, just the hint of something more playing at the corners of his lips. “Why do you look at me that?” I ask on a breath.
“Because I can,” he whispers back, his voice low and husky. “Because you want me to.” He leans closer now, his lips grazing the shell of my ear. “Because you look at me the same.”
[ Contains some spoilers ]

In Illinois, 24-year-old Leighton Witherspoon (no, With-her-books, ba dum tss!) has been ghosted on dating apps, again, and is tired of being the only one in her friend groups still single, third-wheeling everyone else. Aside from being a broke grad student studying a masters degree in Computer Science with specialisation in AI under a misogynistic advisor, Leighton adores books and owns a BookTok account where she posts .

As she is rummaging through her shelves on what to read next, she encounters a book with a damaged cover and missing front pages so the author and book name is unknown. There is only one chapter which contains the epitome of a perfect fictional boyfriend, a 6ft 4, 27-year-old billionaire cowboy Killian St Clair, and an aspiring baker who also has the name Leighton in Lakeville Hills. Every time Leighton falls asleep, she dreams about visiting Lakeville Hills and Killian, and when she wakes up, the events from her dream are mysteriously recorded in the book.

The more she cannot stand Killian, the more they are drawn to each other. When an accident in the dream causes Leighton to wake up, she finds Killian in the real world in bed next to her! Stuck with helping him navigate the real world, fake-dating him and trying to work out what on earth is happening with the book, real feelings are caught. But what if Killian suddenly disappears? What if none of it is real? What if he has been lying to her?

This is told from the first-person past-tense narrative of Leighton. To all book lovers who have ever wished to be able to talk to a favorite character or meet them—or kiss them—in real life this book is for us.
This was an excellent light read! It’s a unique concept and super adorable! I loved that there was a lot of witty banter and general humour from various films/books and pop culture references. Some of my favourite funny moments were: firstly, when Leighton is so annoyed with Killian that she grabs a pinch of flour and throws it at him “The shocked expression on his face and consequent sneeze are priceless”; secondly, when her spicy dream gets interrupted and she wakes up (which reminded me of that film called Isn’t It Romantic?), and she say “Is this a closed-door romance? Because in that case, I want out.” ; thirdly, when Leighton predicts the “only one bed” situation, which Killian says will not happen but of course it does; fourthly, when she wakes up and discovers Killian is real; finally, when he leans against the wall and knows what he is doing:
He beams at me, raising both eyebrows in an impossibly cute frown. “I’m leaning against a wall.”
If I snapped a picture and posted it on BookTok, I’m pretty sure it’d go viral. He’s the epitome of every hot book boyfriend ever leaning on random surfaces.
Some of the vibes, particularly the Computer Science tech aspect, reminded me of Ali Hazelwood novels depicting the problems women in STEM face, which is always an important issue and I am glad it is once again being addressed in a book.

Indeed, I that this book covers a lot of relatable things for someone in their early 20s. Having turned 25 myself recently, therefore around the same age as our protagonist, and both reads books and has a master’s degree in Computer Systems Development (a nerd and geek, exactly her), and also now the single pringle in my friend groups, hates the dating apps, just want a good man to show himself – let’s just say, everything and I mean everything about this book was super relatable to me. This is the age when everyone is either dating or married or having children or you are single and sit by watching this, wishing and waiting it was your turn. That alone is deserving of a high rating because it was done very well. Regardless of whether you read this or not, you should see this quote (girls supporting girls): “You’re a wonderful person,” I say, squeezing on for emphasis. “Having a man in your life or not isn’t a definition of your worth. Meeting someone you can fall in love with is just dumb luck and doesn’t reflect on your character in any way whatsoever. You rock, girl, and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.”
I think everyone can also relate to wanting a fictional boyfriend IRL, so this was a great take on the idea, and I adore that this is who the book is dedicated to at the start.

In terms of the plot and story itself, I loved the idea but some of it was executed poorly, which I will explain in more detail below. The scenarios in her dreams were interesting, but the jump between moments ruined the charm and added unanswered questions “why is Lakeville Hills Leighton so different from normal Leighton?”. The mysterious book left me with many questions and none of it got answered. Characters Killian and Leighton’s parents were not fleshed out enough.

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