King Liam, First of His Name de Bryan Chaffin

de Bryan Chaffin - Género: English
libro gratis King Liam, First of His Name


King Liam, First of His Name! A miner of some repute! Well, he will be when he gets back from his eight year journey to the Oort Cloud. He often fantasizes about the looks on everyone's face when he comes waltzing back on Ceres, richer than any Belter has ever been. Oh sure, four years of isolation might have left him a little touched, but he only has four more years to go. He just has to make it to a little planetoid he's named Lucky Strike, and all his dreams will come true. What could go wrong?


Set in the same universe as Accidental Intelligence and Mason Truman, King Liam is a free short story that takes us far away from the world of combines and the Omninet. It explores what one man's ambition can drive him to accomplish, and what he finds when he does.

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This is a quick read about the slowly derailing Liam, a belter miner, dreaming of striking gold and sticking it up every naysayers nose. Who doesn't want that, right? Cleverly written, with animated dialogue that drives the narrative forward. A punchy, soliloquised tale of one man's consuming determination, and his humbling damnation. Sentinelle231,115 25

23 pages.

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