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de Brooke L. Davis - Género: English
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Two determined young women battle inner demons and explosive family secrets in this tale of dreams, daring, and deception.

San Francisco-May-1907 Isabelle Hamilton defies her mother and secretly applies to the California Hospital School for Nurses in Los Angeles. Isabelle's gregarious personality and unbridled passion for the Red Cross often put her at odds with the vain and gossipy society ladies who frequent the Cliff House women's parlor. When Isabelle's sister becomes embroiled in a scandal and her mother suffers a heart attack, Isabelle's dreams of independence and an advanced education are imperiled.

Grace Hamilton arrives in San Francisco for the summer on the same train as beef distributor Frank Buchanan, her secret fiancé. Unbeknownst to her family, Grace has been accepted into the California Normal School in Los Angeles, where she will study to become a kindergarten teacher. When Frank's jealousy turns threatening,...

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‘A Season at the Cliff House’ by author Brooke L. Davis wove a story of intrigue, drama, and determination. Set in 1907 San Francisco, the story follows the Hamilton family through a horrific natural disaster and how their family rebuilds and continues to move forward following the disaster. With main character Isa leading the charge, we are allowed a peek into what life was really for a young woman during this time period. We gain an understanding that it was difficult for woman to truly be in charge of their life’s path, however, with a bit of determination and grit, one could forge her own way and live the life she has always desired. My favorite part of the book was when the author allowed the reader into the inner most thoughts of the characters as they experienced day to day life. This was a wonderful and charming read for any fan of historical fiction. I received this book as an eARC and this review is entirely of my own opinion. Kristen37

This book transported me to San Francisco in 1907. I felt I was walking on the beach and smelling the salty air. It is a page-turner that left me wanting more. As the story opens Grace is going to stay with her family in San Franciso and she is bringing along her secret suitor. She also has dreams of being a teacher. What Grace doesn't know is that her cousin, Isabelle, has a dream too. Isabelle wants to be a nurse which is a career her family does not approve of. It seems that everyone in the house has their own secrets to keep. This story is filled with twists and turns. It is told from several family member's perspectives which is so fun. I also loved that it is based on an actual historical San Francisco location.
Thank you to NetGalley. These opinions are my own.netgalley Sharlin197 9

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