Behind The Gates 4: A Post Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (Collapse of America) de Bobby Akart

de Bobby Akart - Género: English
libro gratis Behind The Gates 4: A Post Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (Collapse of America)


Bobby Akart Year: 2024

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Interesting read

I really enjoyed reading this series. It wasn't over the top action hero drama. Just a group of neighbors banning together doing what is right for them. Very believable.
What made me most anxious was not the outside actions of no electricity, gangs and lack of services. ..it was the tyrants of the HOA. Talk about abuse of power.
Definitely recommend this book, series and author. Keep them coming.
2 s Stanley Moss3

Unable to put the book down!

Bobby Akart does it again and provides a heart pounding nonstop tell for when the SHTF. Great character development and story line. Thank you for a great series!1 Nicole14 3

Great series

This is the first time that I have read a series by Mr. Akart where I wanted to know what happened. Spoiler alert*****I will forever wonder what happened to Grayson,Lee and Nicole,but especially Grayson.

I enjoyed the series and usual it's very fact based. We could all hope to have a black ops,operator into neighborhood,but many people have access to former and retired marines,army rangers, etc that do have more knowledge than the average citizen,if only people took the time to know their neighbors. Joan972 5

The Colony is attacked again but this attack was well planned, many residents were murdered but with Grayson, Dean and other members of the group fought back and won the day. After the attack they came to the conclusion that they will have to leave their homes and the community. Plans are made, supplies are gathered and transportation is found. Sadly one couple decides to stay as they think they can get the remaining residents to band together and protect their homes. A satisfying conclusion to a great series.odds-and-sods Diane195

Another “E ticket” Ride!

Bobby Akart’s books are the Energizer Bunny on steroids! This series is intense, stimulating and astounding. It is fast paced, adrenaline rushing, angst ridden and utterly realistic. His characters are identifiable to most, if not all, readers. This storyline is so strong and immersive that the reader cannot help to feel it in their own lives.
Highly recommend ! Ethel1 review

The rest of the Friday night club

If this is the last book of the series, then I will never know what happened to Grayson and the ones left behind, in the Colony. This bothers me.
The entire story is great. I'm Anyone who loves apocalypse fiction, I think will enjoy it. Kathleen Schmidt1 review

Set in the Present

This book is set in the present days of 2024 U.S. political strife. Each book has ramped up to the question of whether or not the end of days as we know them are near. Do we need to prepare for life without electricity, without abundant food supplies, without medical supplies and care? Consider doing so…! Lorri Schafnitz28 3

Another great Bobby Akart Series

I really enjoyed this series, as usual for Bobby Akart books. The amount of research he puts in shows in his writing. His stories are so realistic that it makes me want to become a prepper, but part of me just isn’t ready to believe it could be needed. Can’t wait for the next series!
Frank G Springer30

TERRIFYING, ENLIGHTENING just another 5 Star Rating!

Have you ever read a book and you thought you were included as a character! I felt every emotion as I read this book by none other than Bobby Akart. What a book! What a series of books by this man who makes words have colors and feelings! Cynthia Slaughter423 4

Survival thriller

In this conclusion to the Collapse of America, the Colony has barely survived its first intrusion and are unprepared for all all out attack by a well prepared gang. In the aftermath each couple has to determine their path, stay or flee. michael r hyer48 2

Behind the Gates:4

I’m not ready for the story to end! I want to know what happens to Grayson and Lee and Nicole. your other series, I get attached to the characters and hate for the ending to come. Another great series. Roxanne Campbell12

Couldn't wait to see how this ended. As usual he wrapped it all nicely, albeit with a few unexpected twists. I so love reading Mr Akarts books. He is a great writer and does the research to make the books interesting. I have read all his books to date and can't wait for more. Elizabeth Lian57 1 follower

A another Winner!

Another winning series from the best selling author Bobby Akart. He's a fishermen, laying the groundwork, then checking the nets, and finally reaping the rewards! He uses bait that draws them in, then later reaps a full catch! Read this series and enjoy! Zebrongwing1yahoo.com85 1 follower


The characters were developed so that I felt I knew them. The story was realistic enough that it made me think, “This could actually happen!” It was a real eye-opener and I loved it. Laurel Taylor153 2

Amazing, insightful series of books

Many people are getting antsy about "the something-is-about-to-happen" feeling we all anticipate given the abominable botched up 'governing' at all levels, right now. john owens16 1 follower

Really enjoyed this one! I am, however, disappointed because I was expecting another installment, but only got the short epilogue to end the series....... Mary Carmack6 1 follower


Would recommend to anyone who watches the news. To be prepared for things you can not control. Enjoyed the side story of the three legged dog. Slympicins 163 1 follower

Once again Bobby knocks it out of the park. Michele ReinhartAuthor 5 books3

Out of the park

Akart doesn't disappoint. The series was great, plenty of ideas to help deal with a future that might soon becoming reality. Joan L Huffman MD262 1 follower

Behind The Gates - Book 4

Thank you Bobby Akart for a well thought out series on the impending collapse of America. Not if, but when. Jeff Benham1,470 8

Wow, what a great series! If you are a Bobby Akart fan, you have probably already read them all. Dennis Pombier25 1 follower

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