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A new fantasy-adventure series packed with addictive genre hooks for 9+ readers: code-breaking, cyber-technology, killer robots and a boy hero with a supernatural destiny. Perfect for fans of Percy Jackson, Alex Rider and Dr Who.

Packed full of magical code-breaking skills, wisecracking robots and a young hero who might just be too clever for his own good, this tech-savvy adventure is perfect for fans of Percy Jackson and Alex Rider. Twelve year-old code breaking genius William Wenton, is trying to make sense of his family's dramatic escape from their home in London. But when his extraordinary talent for cracking codes is suddenly revealed, William must face the danger that has been lurking around him for years.

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William Olsen, or William Wenton, his real name, was on the run with his parents, now living in Norway. The family has been on the run ever since his grandfather went missing at Victoria Station, in London. William didn’t really know why, or who they were running from, all he knew was that he wasn’t to bring attention to himself, or his parents.

When ‘The Impossible Puzzle’ came to Norway’s History of Science Museum, William was overly excited. He loved puzzles, and was rather quite good at them. He dreamed of being a cryptographer.

On a school trip to see the puzzle, William forgot all about staying off the radar, and decided to try to crack the puzzle, especially seen as no-one else had managed to do it. Fortunately, or unfortunately, William did it, he’d cracked it, meaning that the world’s media were now talking about him.

In the middle of the night, William was woken by his parents telling him to run, but he didn’t get far before he was caught, and taken to a secret institution for post-human research. But what do they want with William, and why?

William Wenton and the Luridium Thief, is an exciting young adult adventure book. It has a great cast of characters, especially William, with his determination, and wit.

The story is full of mysterious moments, suspension, and many twists and turns. This technological advanced book will have you delving into a futuristic world, being created in the present.

I can see this being a big hit with older children/young adults, looking for a book that will perk their interest and give them the setting to send their imagination into overdrive.

The plot is strong and the tension builds steadily throughout. This is a book that will hold your attention right until the very last page.

Reviewed by Stacey on www.whisperingstories.com21 s Melissa | melisthereader687 690

This was really fun and imaginitive, but really weak in world building and plot. Very tropey and predictable, but hey, it's a book written for kids. Kids will love this book! But if you compare this to Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, it'll get the highroad, needs a pinch of everything to make it extra saucey. Hehe, but yeah, a quick, okay read.18 s Jasmine from How Useful It Is1,445 369

About: William Wenton and the Impossible Puzzle is a middle grade action & adventure book written by Bobbie Peers. It is published today 5/23/17 by Aladdin, imprint of Simon & Schuster, 272 pages. The genres are middle grade, fantasy, science fiction, and action & adventure. This book is the author’s debut middle grade novel.

My Experience: I started reading William Wenton and the Impossible Puzzle on 5/21/17 and finished it on 5/23/17. This book is an awesome read! It’s filled with lots of actions and adventures. I love smart characters and the plot surrounding code breaking. I love the different robots, especially argubot and the school that only admit geniuses. There is no dull moment reading this book.

In this book, readers will follow the point of view of William Wenton, a twelve years old genius who s to solve puzzles. His grandfather is the best cryptologist (code breaker) in the world and he’s either in hiding or missing. This book started out with William and his family living in Norway, diverting themselves from attracting attention. They have been living under the radar for 8 years until the impossible puzzle world tour came to their local museum and allowing geniuses to try their luck on solving the puzzle. William couldn’t keep himself away and got his hands on the puzzle during a school field trip. He solved it. As soon as his family decided that they will have to go into hiding again then they were under attacked. William find himself running away to escape whatever/whoever that came after him. He found himself being rescued and brought to a school for the geniuses called Institute for Post-Human Research. From there, William learns the mystery surrounding his grandfather and the bad guys that are coming for him.

I enjoyed reading this book greatly! I following William’s train of thoughts. I how smart he is and am fascinated by him for his love of learning from books his grandfather left behind. I the many robots around the school including the talking door and the ladder. I that behind each door, there’s a puzzle to solve before reaching a destination. I the mystery and suspense in this book. I enjoy the humor from the robots. This book starts interesting and ends interesting. I highly recommend everyone the read it!

Pro: actions & adventures, robots, puzzles, code breakers, page turner, fast paced, mystery, adrenaline rush, humor, no dull moment,

Con: none

I rate it 5 stars!

***Disclaimer: Many thanks to the author Bobbie Peers, publisher Simon & Schuster, and Edelweiss for the opportunity to read and review. Please assured that my opinions are honest.

Jasmine at www.howusefulitis.wordpress.com for a detailed review
edelweiss fantasy middle-grade10 s Temi Panayotova-Kendeva400 46


Здравейте, книголюбители!

Крайно време беше след толкова книжни разочарования от началото на годината до сега, най-сетне да попадна на нещо, което си струва времето ми. Днес ще ви говоря заслужено за „Уилям Уентън и крадецът на луридий“, издава Емас.

writing is fun
Признавам, че не съм сигурна от къде да започна да ви говоря за тази книга, защото толкова бързо се случва всичко, че най-добре може да се усети историята – когато бъде прочетена.
Книгата според мен е за юноши и като едно голямо дете – съм повече от щастлива, че ще има и още части.

Сюжетът е уникален и толкова оригинален. Стилът на писане просто веднага те грабва и те прави част от историята. Всичко се развива толкова бързо, че не можеш да спреш до самия край на книгата и после ти се иска още. За доказателство предоставям факта, че я „изконсумирах“ за един ден. Щеше ми се всички книги да бяха толкова увлекателни и да не трябва да ми е криво, че нещо ме разочарова в тях, като искам да е обратното. Ако можеше всички книги да са като тази, светът може би щеше да е една идея по-хубав. Смея да кажа, че това е най-добрата книга, която съм прочела до настоящия момент от годината.

И ако толкова искате да разберете кой е Уилям Уентън – ще ви кажа, че е той е гений на тема разшифроване за всякакви пъзели. Но семейството му е принудено да се крие в Норвегия под чужди самоличности. В корена на всичко е случилото се с изчезналия преди 8 години дядо на Уилям.
Получаваме герои, които да обикнем и с които да съпреживеем всичко, малка доза смях и много загадни за разбулване. А какво е луридий и защо е толкова специален – сами ще разберете като прочетете тази завладяваща история.

Уилям Уентън е всичко, което исках от една книга в едно, че и много повече. Нямам търпение за продължението на историята.14 s Tanja Berg2,022 474

Det här var helt fantastiskt! Jag köpte boken till min systers barn och tänkte att jag måste väl läsa den först. Jag tyckte framsidan såg spännande ut när boken kom på norska förra året. Det här är en thriller för nio till tolv-åringar och fungerar bra också för vuxen. Medryckande skrivet och underhållande.

William Wenton - numera Olsen - måste hålla sig gömd i Norge. Varför är oklart, men det har något med hans morfars försvinnande att göra för många år sen. William vet att han måste ligga lågt, men klarar ändå att bli den som löser världens svåraste pussel-kod, "omöjligheten". Vips så är något ute efter att ta honom. Något stort, som slår in väggar.

William räddas till det institut som hans morfar grundade. Där får han undervisning samtidigt som han försöker att få reda på vad som egentligen hände med hans morfar och varför det är någon som jagar honom. Institutet med alla dess robotar, ondskapsfulla mekaniska växter och mystiska personal är oroväckande i sig själva.

Boken är olidligt spännande till tider. Jag har inte läst något så kreativt och välskrivet i den här kategorin bok på år och dagar. Jag ser verkligen framemot nästa i serien! children-s-fantasy scandinavian8 s Kalina Mincheva449 96

Много симпатична и неангажираща детска история, която е пълна с динамика, приключения и най-различни видове роботи. Дори такива, чието предназначение е единствено да изкачват стълбища. Развлекателна и приятна книга, която поставя началото на една обещаваща трилогия. Мисля, че ще се хареса на всички малчугани
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