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A cold wind can send shivers down your spine!

The month is March—a strange month, noted for its fickle weather—but this March has an added strangeness in the form of two full moons. Could they be the reason for murder to strike the small town of Ednalee, Oklahoma? Some think so.
In the quiet little town, who could be to blame? But there is more than one suspect, and before the month ends, the murderer strikes again and yet again.
Could the slayings involve the Carver Mansion? Mystery surrounds the estate. Does the ancient house attract evil?
Perhaps the bloodthirsty predator who stalks these historic grounds is affected by the blue moon? Amateur sleuth Ned McNeil must find out before even more people die.

Is the killer moonstruck or murderous—or both?

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With a parade of suspects and unreliable witnesses, Ms Manos keeps the action going as skillfully as she keeps you guessing whodunit. I heartily recommend Moonstruck and Murderous: A Ned McNeil Mystery! Laurie76

Light easy reading with interesting characters. I enjoyed this 3-book series.1 Deb310 16

Blanche Manos has done it again with Moonstruck and Murderous. This book grabs you from the very beginning and keeps you on the edge of your seat for a great roller coaster ride with ups and downs and alot of twists and turns. Ned once again finds herself in the middle of a murder where she is a target too. If that wasn't enough Moe Decker has escaped from prison and he has a bone to pick with Ned. The tension mounts as more mysterious people and things happen. Can Ned find who murdered Miss Evangeline, figure out the secrets of the old mansion and family all before Moe or the killer gets to her?

I just love everything about this book. Ned and all her friends are relatable and show the strength of faith, love and friendship. Ned always is curious and seems to find herself in sticky situations. There were times I wanted to tell Ned don't go there or watch out. I love old homes and buildings and learning their history so this story was right up my alley. All the characters are well developed and have their own unique personalities. The mystery is not only the murders but also finding out the past of the house, the Carver family and more history of Ednalee OK and it's families. I from the first meeting of Evangeline Carver's family found I didn't trust or them much. They were greedy and just something off. I wasn't sure about Ken and the other's that worked on the estate either. This book just had so many possibilities and full of so many surprises.

I don't to give anything away but when reading this book you have so many suspects and when you have it figured out you still have surprises you aren't expecting. This book is mysterious, intense and full of surprises. It is a book of friendship, history, love and faith. I highly recommend this book and series. Sharon MierkeAuthor 18 books23

Thank you, Blanche Manos, for a great read! This is one story you will not put down until you’re finished. All I can say is if you love Midsomer Murders, you will love this book. I couldn’t help make the comparison as I was reading. Ned(Nettie) McNeil, the protagonist who claims not to be nosy, but in actuality is, has a keen eye for digging up information from the past whether it be by accident or serious detecting. I loved the author’s descriptions of the old mansion and the sweet hint of romance that I’m sure will blossom in her next book. Kudos for a book well written, Blanche Manos. 1 Stephanie Hobrock104 3

Moonlight isn’t always romantic! Sometimes it is murderous!

Ned has a way of finding danger and adventure even when she isn’t trying to. And despite their efforts her friends can’t keep her safe.
Friends, family, and good clean suspense keep you reading to see if she solves the next adventure she gets mixed up with.
Always a great read by Blanche Manos! Betty662 6

It's okay, I guess. Followers of this author seemed to it but for me it was just 'okay.' Dawn142 19 Read

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