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Nettie "Ned" McNeil cannot imagine why her Uncle Javin feels that he is in danger, but she loads her suitcases into her car, leaves Atlanta and her late husband, and makes the long trek to Ednalee, Oklahoma, to help out. When she arrives, Uncle Javin's white Victorian house is strangely dark and silent. Inside she finds him lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

So begin her first moments back in her old home town, where the mystery of Uncle Javin's violent death pulls at Ned. But his mysterious murderer seems to always be just a few steps ahead of her search. How can she protect her own life as she pursues a killer who will stop at nothing to guard a deadly secret?

If you like Amateur Sleuth stories, Cozy Mystery tales, or stories with Women Sleuths, you'll love this one!

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I Was Transported to Ednalee, Oklahoma

Since everyone else has given a synopsis of the story I will spare you that and give you my impression of the book.

From the start I was in the book. It started as a story and by the time Ned arrived in Ednalee, OK I was no longer sitting in my living room on my chair with a cat on my lap and one perched on the top of my chair.
I was in the laundry room with Ned. Was checking out the house with Penny, Uncle Jarvin's little cat.
I was watching as Ned got reacquainted with her friends from school.
But the biggest thing was when I put the book down to start supper and it wasn't snowing. It wasn't December but the end of August.

So engrossing is Blanche Day Manos writing that it took me to her world.
Few authors can transport so I am thrilled to find another.

I have all Miss Day Manos books in my TBR pile and I'm not sure why it has taken me this long to start reading her books but I'm glad I didn't wait any longer.
cat fictional-place mature-sleuth ...more3 s Cheryl2,928 36

Ned gives up her job and apt to go and live with her uncle after he says he needs her. She finds him murdered in his house. So many odd things keep happening and someone is getting into the house and taking thins. Ned meets up with two old friends from high school and the neighbor lady is very friendly. Ned can't believe in the theory of ghosts and after the minister is murdered she is getting very nervous. 1 Patricia GligorAuthor 9 books71

I highly recommend "Moonlight Can Be Murder" by Blanche Day Manos. The book has all the elements of a good mystery but I especially enjoyed meeting Nettie "Ned" McNeil, the main character who has left Atlanta to return to her hometown of Ednalee, Oklahoma. Anticipating a happy reunion with her only living relative, her homecoming turns out to be not at all what she expected.1 Doward Wilson752 13

Meet Nettie "Ned" McNeil as she leaves her life in Atlanta to return to her childhood home in Ednalee, Oklahoma at the behest of her recently paroled Uncle Javin. He served forty years for a crime that he confessed to, but Ned's parents always believed that he was covering for someone else. Arriving in the twilight of a cold December day, Ned finds the house unlocked and Javin's body in the laundry room. As she struggles to find out the truth about the forty year old murder that he went to prison for, she learns that she is his sole heir. Ned becomes reacquainted with old friends as she settles into her new life and investigation of her Uncle's life and death. Someone is trying to help Ned learn the truth but she doesn't know who. A wonderfully drawn character and background make this suspenseful story a pleasure to read. DonnaAuthor 7 books33

Moonlight Can Be Murder is an entertaining cozy mystery. The characters are likable, the story is well-written, and it moves at a steady pace. There are plenty of twists and turns, and a red herring or two, that kept me interested from beginning to end. I d that the police were competent and didn't constantly harp at Nettie. I didn't have everything about Javin's murder figured out but I did have the murderer figured out. That in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the story. This is my first book by this author but I look forward to reading more of her books. Diane Wachter2,286 9

A Ned McNeil Mystery, Bk. 1, EBk-M, Kindle, @ 2015, read 8/3/20. Fiction, mystery. An older woman, Nettie "Ned", moves from Atlanta, Georgia to her hometown of Ednalee, Oklahoma to help her beloved uncle when he tells her he feels he's in danger. Upon her expected arrival, she finds him dying in his darkened house. Thus starts a series of bizarre mysteries that must be solved before she can feel safe in her family home. Wasn't a complete surprise, but I did enjoy the twists and turns! 3☆'s = Good.ebook fiction my-books-kindle ...more Cheryl1,024 5

This is the first in the series and the first time reading this author. The main character is Ned (Nettie) and she moves back home to live with her uncle who just gotten out of prison. She arrives to find him dying after being shot. Who could have done this ? She meets up with a couple of girlhood friends and the 3 of them try to figure out just what is going on. Can they figure this out in time ? Christine Early27 1 follower

Interesting mystery, but...

The story is intriguing, the characters could be very compelling, but...
I love mysteries. I don't proselytizing - religion has caused as much trouble as it has maybe helped. The blurb on this story should state that it has a strong religious element. It just loses its appeal when a mystery story leans on fiction instead of fact. Susan D26 11

Really enjoyed this book. A nice easy read mystery. Can't wait to read the next one. Nettie moves back to her families home town. From the first minute she arrives the mystery begins. It will keep you guessing. Carol AnnAuthor 51 books475

Murder and Suspects Abound

Moonlight Can Be Murder by Blanche Day Manos was a cozy mystery that I could not put down. Murders and suspects abound when a woman goes to visit her uncle in a small, quiet town. Great plot. Lovable characters. Lots of mystery. Patricia1,229 15

this is a good story, she comes back to town to be with her uncle but someone shot him now someone is after her. if you suspense you will want to read the book Mare803 6

Heartwarming and entertaining. Sharon Sims43 1 follower

Good book! Highly recommend Dawn142 19 Read

Another wonderful mystery by Blanche ! Deb310 16

Wow is the only thing I can think to say about this great book Moonlight Can Be Murder A Ned McNeil Mystery by Blanche Day Manos. I loved this book and I can not wait until the next one comes out.

Nettie McNeil gets a letter from her Uncle Javin after he gets out of prison that he wants her to come to her home town of Ednalee, OK because he needs to see her and strange things are happening. She goes and when she gets there she was looking forward to seeing him again but was terribly surprised when she finds him shot and dying. Now she is thrown into a murder and has to find out who killed her Uncle and why before she is next.

Nettie or Ned for short is a very level headed, strong willed and determined woman who is wants answers into what is happening and who murdered her Uncle. As a reader I immediately connected with her and was drawn into the mystery right along with her. I love the old Victorian home and land, it adds a dimension to the mystery and is such a important part of the story. I could just picture the house and wished to be sitting right there with Ned and her friends in front of the fire or at the kitchen table helping solve this mystery. I love a good mystery and this one is just that .

This book has so many possibilities and trying to tie all the loose ends up makes for a great puzzle to solved. I really thought I had this one figured out but then found I was only partly right and the why escaped me to the end.

This is an intense and at times emotional mystery. I could not put it down. If you a good mystery, that keeps you on the edge of your seat and one that is full of possibilities and suspects then do not miss this book.

One of my favorite parts is when Ned sees a white figure head into her carriage house and decides to once and for all figure out what is going " Fear gave way to curiosity and a rising anger that someone or something would trespass and find it necessary to sneak around in the dark instead of coming to my door. "Please Lord, I whispered, "Protect me and help me find out what is going on." pg 148

Anger overcomes fear I can so relate to this.

Don't miss this great, spooky, intense, wonderful book. I highly recommend it.

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Really enjoyed the characters and storyline of this book. Would read more in this series. Janiska nordstrom72

New favorite author

My first read from this author. I d the story, the people in it and the way it was written. I am looking forward to more books in this series Julia David2,175 17

I really enjoyed this mystery. It kept me guessing. Nettie is a widow and goes back to Oklahoma to see her uncle. She gets there to find that he is dying. His last words are cryptic and she needs to figure out what he meant. She reconnects with some old friends and makes some new friends. Who can she trust? Linda Rainey2,347 20

I loved this cozy mystery, just my cup of tea.
The character of Nettie shows the world that older women have value, and live alone.
I look forward to reading more by this author.
An advance copy was given in exchange for an honest review.
Marcia Trotter57 3

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