Snatched Up By My Sister's Husband For Xmas de Biggs, Mz.

de Biggs, Mz. - Género: English
libro gratis Snatched Up By My Sister's Husband For Xmas


Biggs, Mz. Publisher: S.Yvonne Presents, Year: 2023

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wheww chile.

Talk about needing to be in a ward somewhere. This was a crazy read. But interesting none the less. I would’ve d another 5 pages to fill out the end. 1 YOLANDA V BALL444 13

It was okay

I enjoyed reading this fast paced novella. The epilogue was too fast paced because in one week she got promoted, they had the father funeral, the friends were pregnant, he opened anew club and he moved. I think it should’ve been at least 6 months for all of that minus the dad’s funeral 1 LaTanya Garry1,999 32

Great Read

To each his or her own. No matter what type of relationship I have with my sister. I couldn't and wouldn't deal with a man that had not only been with her but married her as well. I thought the moment that Journee found out Onyx was married. She would've left him alone. Especially once she found out who he was married to. True enough Kayla and Journee seem more enemies than sister's. It was to the point that Journee knew Kayla was married but didn't know who her husband was. Onyx had all rights to want a divorce from Kayla. She is the one who messed up their marriage and what she did was low down, dirty, disrespectful as hell, and unforgivable. However Kayla wasn't getting the picture. She was doing everything thing she could to get Onyx back but the things she was doing was pushing him away further and had him hating that he was ever involved with her. I don't know why she thought stalking Onyx and destroying his property was going to change his mind. Kayla had a if I can't have you know one will mentality. Her father was in the Hospital barely hanging on and Kayla silly ass didn't seem to give a damn. She really lost her mind when she found out the other woman Onyx was seeing was her sister. Kayla was willing to kill to keep Onyx from leaving her. I felt Journee should've left Onyx alone. There's just some things you just don't do. The minute she found out Onyx was her sister husband. She should've shut it down. Onyx should've gotten his divorce and found another woman but I guess the heart wants what the heart wants Jenine Corneal121 5

Sometimes things are not as simple as they seem!

The title may turn some off but as the story evolves you may change your mind or at least question yourself… Are there certain circumstances where what you’ve always thought was wrong may be right?
Not condoning it nor could I do this but it’s fiction so I read it
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