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A stunning collection of interconnected stories set in New England, exploring how the past is often misunderstood and how history, family, heartache, and desire can echo over centuries

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“how to put it? this type of sadness. not nostalgia. not grief. just the obvious and sudden fact that my life looked an inch shorter than it could have been. that the best year really had come when i was twenty” are simply the most devastating lines to read when you’re twenty (or nineteen? or ninety? or anywhere in between, i’m just guessing for it’s not you ever know).202117 s charlotte,3,448 1,049

oh i will literally not survive this story as a film

Rep: gay mcs5-stars achillean adult-lit ...more14 s sarah212

w josh oconnor and paul mescal no less someone sedate meshort-story12 s Nancy1,628 406

I loved these stories. I loved their emotional intelligence, and how successive stories reflected illuminating light on the previous stories. I loved the beauty of the sentences and the book’s inventiveness, and the unflinching study of the best and worst of humanity. I savoured this book, one story at a time. These are stories that invite us to reread them, knowing we will gain deeper appreciation with each rereading.netgalley8 s2 comments Regan488 23 Want to read

Just read the titular short story in The Common online with a few actual tears in my eyes. It’s going to make the most beautiful movie, Paul Mescal and Josh O’Connor are the perfect Lionel and David —two men after ww1 on an ethnographic trip across the American East to collect and record folk songs. Very eager for the full collection to come out 5 s Daniel Myatt777 84

Wow! I read with tears in my eyes.

A beautiful short story of love, found and love lost.2024-reading-challenge spring5 s Sue1,335 600

Review to come

Thanks to Viking/Penguin Group, NetGalley and the author for the opportunity to read an eARC of this book.fiction historical-fiction net-galley ...more4 s iunia b.64 46

a writer really doesn't need big words, fancy words, to write about regret, about lost love and wasted years. about nostalgia and melancholy of years long gone. ben shattuck didn't need big words to deliver his story. what a melodious, elegant story. and I hope these feelings will be translated accordingly into the movie as well. read-in-2021 short-stories4 s mel🕯203 65

“How to put it? This type of sadness. Not nostalgia. Not grief. Just the obvious and sudden fact that my life looked an inch shorter than it could have been.”ebook short-story4 s Shreeya79 11

“How to put it? This type of sadness. Not nostalgia. Not grief. Just the obvious and sudden fact that my life looked an inch shorter than it could have been.”

i’m so sad.4 s Maisie72

not me nearly crying at a 16 page novella. the movie will break me4 s charlotte,3,448 1,049

Rep: achillean mc4-stars achillean adult-lit ...more3 s atria 254 138

How to put it? This type of sadness. Not nostalgia. Not grief. Just the obvious and sudden fact that my life looked an inch shorter than it could have been. That the best year really had come when I was twenty.

reading this is not enough, i need to EAT it.

i'm going to be SOOOOO mentally ill when the movie comes out holy shit-c-adult favourites g-queer-litfic ...more2 s m.246 589

quite boring. only finished it for my man josh o'connor xx2-stars 2021 achillean-lit2 s ueberdemnebelmeer45 4 Read

[read here]short-stories1 Vishalan Kumaran87 1 follower

I just finished reading this, and I loved it. The story is about friendship, romance, and loss, with a historical backdrop that adds depth to the characters and their journey. Shattuck's writing feels intimate, and he does a great job showing how small moments can mean so much. Especially, with a story this short.

The way the characters connect through music and sound is touching, and it makes you think about the people in your own life who have shaped you. It's a simple yet powerful story, one that stays with you.

I'm also excited about the movie adaptation with Paul Mescal and Josh O'Connor. Both actors are fantastic at portraying complex emotions, so I can't wait to see how they bring this story to life on the big screen.1 Ozmar Pedroza81 9

"The history of sound, lost daily."

Me encantó este cuento. Es una escritura envolvente como si fuera una canción. Lo que el autor describe sobre el sonido es nostálgico y verdadero. La historia romántica sirve como pretexto para hablar de la parte musical que tiene la naturaleza y la vida humana. Un relato con una cadencia bella y suave que es fácil de seguir. Es una escritura capaz de evocar sonidos en la mente y si se hace una lectura en voz alta creo es mejor el impacto.

"I see what he means, that the songs are filled with the voices of thousands who’ve sung and changed them, and that they are always stories of people’s lives."cuentos diversos-lgbti otra-lengua1 Nicolel17

“But this cylinder reminded me of what I’d missed—which is, I think, a life that I didn’t know but of which David was a part. The real one. And how ridiculously short it had been. Only two months. The memories of fireflies and swimming naked in the waterfall did nothing but make very fine and long incisions in the membrane of contentedness I’d built up over the years—a good home, a successful career, kind neighbors, a few great relationships. A wasted life. Maybe that’s why people started using the phonograph for recording music—because why the hell would you want to listen to the voices of the loved and dead?”1 michelle332

I read this because of the upcoming film with Paul Mescal and Josh O'Connor and whilst it is beautifully written, I didn't really connect with the characters and the romance in the way I was hoping. It still leaves you with this hollow, aching sadness the way a lost, unfulfilled romance due to time and circumstance always does though.

I WILL say that this definitely has some great potential for a really good film though. They have some stellar actors cast and if they just flesh both Lionel and David's characters and their romance out a lot more, this could be absolutely DEVASTATING.

3/5This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full reviewhistorical-fiction lgbt-fiction literary-fiction ...more1 alex118

I am honestly speechless. Telling that David dies from the start and that they would only get one summer was genius because I carried it with me throughout the story and it made even the happier scenes feel heavy. It was a great story that I will carry with me for a long time and I hope the movie adaptation does it justice.This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full review1 Rachel Cameron9

“How to put it? This type of sadness. Not nostalgia. Not grief. Just the obvious and sudden fact that my life looked an inch shorter than it could have been.”

I have no words for this. The most devastatingly beautiful depiction of grief over a lost love I’ve ever read. favorite-short-stories1 em27 1 follower

this made me very sad but it would’ve been even sadder if i’d been able to connect with the characters more. if the movie truly fleshes out lionel and david + their relationship…well it’s over for me i fear1 Lovisa27 6

oh this movie will break melgbt short-fiction1 rina23 30

brokeback mountain but make it music

this one is for you Paul Mescal !!1 lauren57

paul mescal1 Nicole Overmoyer501 30

Ben Shattuck created a thread that ties twelve unique stories together in The History of Sound and it is really quite beautiful.

All of the stories are set in New England, making that oldest part of America almost the main character of the book, and are set at various times from the earliest settlers through to modern day. That makes the way individuals in our time are connected to characters who left England to the New World all the more profound.

Short stories and I don't usually get along very well but we did this time. Other than struggling a little with a couple of the stories, mostly because I was trying to figure out how they relate to 'sound' and it wasn't as clear as some of the others, it was time well-spent.

I would say that five of the stories could be considered 5-star stories (The History of Sound, Graft, Tundra Swan, August in the Forest, The Journal of Thomas Thurber, and The Auk). And two are 4-star stories (Edwin Chase of Nantucket & Origin Stories). That makes for a very well-rounded grouping.

I don't want to spoil anything so I'll leave it at that. If you short stories, stories about New England, stories about history, stories about people, and stories about all that it means to be human... this book is for you.


I received a copy of The History of Sound through NetGalley and Viking in exchange for an honest and original review.4-star-books historical-fiction queer-fiction ...more Cheri1,929 2,783

’The History of Sound’, covers stories that share the lives of people over three centuries, stories that connect to the past as well as the future. Each story is followed by a new story that reveals something new about the story before.

I loved how this began, with two men who meet in a bar by the piano, and end up spending that summer walking through Maine, searching for old folk songs, and forge a friendship.

Stories that are set from the 1700s Nantucket to New Hampshire, this covers a lot of time, and the lives of many people. Most are set in very rural places, some with mysterious stories, and one felt to me as though it was a much older version of something akin to the Branch Davidians. Some focus on families, the good, and the bad, and some on survival. Others on families and loss, or an essence of rejection.

Beautifully written, there is a deeply touching poignancy throughout these connected stories that made reading these stories very moving and memorable.

A story of the connection between past and present, families, loss, and finding the place we call home.

Pub Date: Jul 09 2024

Many thanks for the ARC provided by PENGUIN GROUP Viking, Viking
1700s 2024-publication 2024-reads ...more10 s6 comments Erin Clewell68 3

dare i say one of the best books i’ve ever read? 12 beautiful short stories that are tied together flawlessly.

i was hooked by the first story and can’t wait to see paul mescal in the movie based on the titular story. the stories following were stellar; even while reading the plots that were not as intriguing, the writing was so eloquent that i flew through each one. i also thoroughly enjoyed the hunt for the small details that connected each of these seemingly singular stories.

if you enjoy historical fiction, this is a must-read! Linda1,228 89

I’m not usually a short story fan but these are marvelous! Each story is paired with one other in content though the time frames could be decades or even centuries apart. The writing is so genuine and clear that it is a pleasure to read. Descriptions of New England in the 1700s is actually breathtaking. Remarkable characters actually seem real people so it was hard to convince myself that this was fiction.

Thanks to NetGalley and Viking Press for the ARC to read and review.arc Jesse Hassinger126 14

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