Summer Vibes With A Virginia Boss de B., Shari

de B., Shari - Género: English
libro gratis Summer Vibes With A Virginia Boss


B., Shari Publisher: Twyla T. Presents, LLC, Year: 2023

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Virginia Boss

I'm ready to catch a flight to Virginia to find me my own Asa. This was a great read. Khari and Asa found something in each other that neither one knew they were looking for or needed. I love how Aca took to LJ so naturally. Eva is a good friend. I how she never tried to come between Asa when she found out about her un Lashay. Lashay should have stayed in her lane, now she's on ice. I'm glad Big Drew was able to do a little magic after Asa made the situation worse for Khari thinking he was making everything better. I was happy that things worked out. Now I wanna see Zane get it together for Nyla.
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