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What's a sphinx pride to do without their leader?

New arrivals have apprentice veterinarian Charlotte revisit an old friend, the long distance in her relationship helps her make up her mind about how she really feels about Felicity, and a pride of royal sphinxes put her abilities and heart to the test as Charlotte works out if she's right for the job as a veterinarian at the Griffin Sanctuary.


The Sphinx Pride is book 5 in the Griffin Sanctuary series about apprentice veterinarian Charlotte as she learns how to care and handle mythical animals. Every book has a new animal case and can be read out of order. The series contains a slow-burn sapphic romance.

If you enjoy mythical creatures, zoo documentaries, slow burn sapphic romantic sub-plots, and a heroine who loves animals, start The Griffin Sanctuary series with The Unicorn Herd.

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I received a free copy from the author through Booksprout and am voluntarily reviewing it.

I really d The Sphinx Pride. This whole series is great and follows the point of view of Charlotte, who is a vet at the Griffin Sanctuary for mythical animals. In this book the focus is on the sphinx pride and the struggles as the leader of the pride falls ill. I also d how there are some other things going on as well tanuki kits that arrived at the sanctuary, as well as some other animals she checks in with the unicorns and there's her romance with Felicity.

While I enjoyed the last two books a bit less, this one was really good. I was so glad to be back in this universe and follow Charlotte and her work at the Sanctuary. It was interesting to learn more about the sphinxes and the sphinx pride. There are some sadder and difficult parts for Charlotte to deal with in this book, but I felt those were important for the story and for Charlotte's development. I thought it was interesting to see her struggle with whether it was right to keep animals in cages even if it was for the best and how this difficult topic was addressed. It felt a strong installment in the series and an important one for Charlotte.

Besides the main focus on the sphinx pride there is more we see of what's going on in the rest of the sanctuary. There's a side plot with some tanuki kits, which made for some nice variety in the plot. There is also a bit more about the two unicorns who don't go along as well and we see the kitsune and tanuki from book 3 again as well. I d how these different plot lines and other animals got integrated in the plot and I d the continuity it added to the series to keep seeing the animals from previous books.

I d the way the romance felt more settled in this book. There was less drama and I found it interesting seeing how they dealt with the long distance dating. I d seeing their relationship deepen and also how they communicated when they hit some struggles. I wasn't always a fan of the romance in previous books, but I where it is now and seeing them as a couple finally. Their romance deepens and I d reading about them in this book.

To summarize: This was a great read and felt an important one for the series as a whole. Charlotte has a difficult situation to deal with when the leader of the sphinx pride falls ill. It was great seeing how she dealt with everything and the book touches upon some difficult topics and handled them well. I d seeing how Charlotte dealt with everything and processed what was going on. I d seeing some more of the other animals as well, there is a new side plot line about some tanuki kits as well as more about the unicorns, kitsune and tanuki from previous books. I d how the romance felt more settled and had less drama. There was some good communication and I d seeing them as a couple and how their romance developed. This was a great read and I can't wait for the next book in the series!2 s Cath2,624 33

This is book five of The Griffin Sanctuary series and the main character Charlotte Beaver, apprentice veterinarian, is getting used to a quieter sanctuary now all the interns have finished and graduated, leaving her to have to get out of her bubble and get to know more of the keepers and senior veterinarians and try to be more social. She is having another long distance relationship with former intern Felicity, who if she passes her final exams, has been offered a job at the Griffin Sanctuary. Charlotte’s last long distance relationship was a disaster and she isn’t the most social or people friendly person. She is much better with animals as her mentor’s discovered and why she was offered an apprentice veterinarian position. Now the hours are more settled, she has time to talk to her girlfriend, but Flo, the second year apprentice still takes the easy jobs whenever possible, leaving Charlotte to deal with all the ailments and scratches. She gets to see a new group of mythical animals, as the royal sphinxes need to have their annual immunisations. They are big cats and the smell of them is strong and not something you can forget. This pride of royal sphinxes is one of only five left, after their habitat was destroyed in a wildfire. They are one of three sanctuary’s that took in a pride.

The dominant male of the pride is not keen to eat his meat as they try to tempt him into the enclosure to give him his shot. There are two younger dominant males that in the wild would be going out to form their own pride, so now there could be a lot of aggression and fighting from the younger males, Tut and Ramesses, if they sense any weakness in Kemet. The other problem the Griffin Sanctuary has is that most of the pride are related and so shouldn’t be allowed to mate with each other. There is one obvious cause for Kemet not eating much, but with his age, there could be other hidden issues and causes, which could be devastating. Charlotte loves working with her mentor Jacob, as he doesn’t mind when she asks lots of questions all the time. She has moments of self-doubt when left with some motherless youngsters and thinks she has done something wrong, and also issues with her relationship when her girlfriend surprises her, something she finds herself unable to cope with easily! Luckily for her, her girlfriend is very supportive and after her exams finish in a few weeks, she will be right back there with her. Another great addition to the Griffin Sanctuary and the everyday life of a young apprentice veterinarian and all the mythical creatures she interacts with and learns more about, as well as visiting her old favourites, the silver blush unicorns. I received an ARC copy of this book from BookSprout and I have freely given my own opinion of the book above.
Kathy320 28

Charlotte’s journey as an apprentice vet continues in the Sphinx Pride. The Griffin Sanctuary has taken in a pride of Royal Sphinx after their habitat was destroyed. When the old male leader of the pride falls ill, two younger males challenge each other for dominance. Charlotte struggles with the role zoos play in conservation, lamenting that sometimes animals in cages is the only way to save them.

Charlotte & Felicity’s relationship is also challenged by distance as Felicity leaves the sanctuary to finish school. They both have to confront their fears and insecurities in order to find solid footing. With communication and understanding they deepen their relationship and are reunited when Felicity returns.

CW:death of an animal.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Molly5,234 33

I really enjoy the thoughtfulness that some of the challenges of animal conservation are addressed

don't get me wrong - I live hearing about mythical beasts and their habits and habitats as much as the next geek, but real life animal conservation has breeding, resource and population challenges.

Charlotte reflects a real empathy for the animals and mourns genuinely for the animals and the limitations of the options available

it's a bit sweet to observe her romance, but really the curiosity and appreciation for a wide variety of creatures keeps me well entertained throughout the series as Charlotte and her skills grow Bookaddict876

I love this series with mithical creatures!
In every book we get to know more and more creatures.
And in this one, it’s not only about royal sphinxes, but more other are detailed.
I the in depth description of sphinxes, their apearance, their interactions in the pride, their life.
And the news of the end of the story about the creatures that must be tescued, made me anxious to read the next book.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Debbie Benson5,737 21

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Charlotte is still learning as an apprentice vet. I how realistic this story was about the roll a sanctuary plays and how hard and good a life as a vet can be.2023-reading-challenge Diane1,406 8

Charlotte has to deal with an old sphinx and baby tanukis. This book was sad in parts but also had some lighter parts. I really enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend it.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. TaniaRina1,589 104

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