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When the lonely cries of the kitsune vixen fill the Griffin Sanctuary, it's up to the newest apprentice vet, Charlotte, to find her a suitable mate. Not an easy task considering they're almost entirely extinct.
The Kitsune Giggle is book three in the modern fantasy Griffin Sanctuary series. It is packed full of adventure, mythical creatures, and an f/f romantic sub-plot.

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The Kitsune Giggle is the third book in the Griffin Sanctuary series. It was fun to return to this series and visit the sanctuary again. This time apprentice vet Charlotte has to take care of a Kitsune that is lonely and depressed. Charlotte also struggles with changes to her schedule as she as the newest apprentice gets the short end of the stick with a horrible schedule that switches between night and day shifts.

While it was lovely to return to the sanctuary and spend time with these mythical creatures I found this book a bit less enjoyable than the earlier ones. It just made me sad how the kitsune Kiki was struggling. It bothered me how a few times characters referred to the kitsune as being dramatic, while the kitsune is depressed. I felt that it took a long time for there to be progress and most of it was in the last few chapters. It makes sense why it happened that way, but at the same time I would've d to see more of Kiki's progress and improvement. And the way Charlotte got a horrible schedule due to the schemes of the other apprentices didn't sit well with me. This book just made me feel sad and frustrated instead of happy and relaxed.

Then there was the romance which is finally developing, but it was a bit weird with them flirting and hinting at things and kissing, but never really talking about it. I am still not sure where they stand. There was a topic that came up which I thought would be a great way to deepen their bond, but felicity didn't want to talk about it and Charlotte was a bit too pushy and kept trying to get Felicity to open up. There were some good scenes with the two of them, but I had hoped for more talking and growing closer.

Besides my issues with this book I did enjoy it. Charlotte is a great character to read about and I d reading about her and how much she cares for the animals. I also d how the issue with her schedule got resolved as well as how the epilogue wrapped things up for both Kiki and Charlotte. The set up for the next book makes me excited for the next adventure. It was fun to get to see more of the sanctuary with Charlotte visiting the lupins as well as some other new mythological creatures that get addressed. There's also a scene with the unicorns again. I really how the author writes about these mythical animals and make them come alive.

To summarize: This was another solid installment in this series, although I enjoyed this one a bit less due to the tone being more sad. The kitsune Charlotte is taking care of is lonely and depressed. While Charlotte struggles with being tired due to a harrowing schedule that switched day and night shifts. It took a while before there was progress with the kitsune. I also struggled a bit with hinting and jokes when it came to the romance, but not a lot of actually talking things through. There are some new mythical animals I enjoyed reading about. And I really how the author writes about all the mythical creatures and brings them alive. The epilogue wrap things up well and I d how things ended for Kike the kitsune and the promise of a new adventure for Charlotte.1 TaniaRina1,589 104

One is the loneliest number
Animal keepers ofttimes need to arrange play dates and sleepovers to match up their single wards as habitat buddies. Before they can do that, there are many criteria to consider. Some species are either diurnal or nocturnal; others need either a cooled or a heated environment. Oh, and don’t thrust an extrovert in with an introvert!

Speaking of boundaries…
The author addresses the Sanctuary’s being a safe work environment. The directors do not tolerate abuse of power, favoritism, or grooming. In addition to the expected concerns, appropriate work relationships are key to smooth operations. Employees disgruntled by others being treated as “special” could inadvertently let their envy cloud their judgment. These endangered animals (really, any in captivity) need the full attention of their caregivers more so than other kinds do. It’s not their in the wild and can just walk away from the human drama to find their own food…

Speaking of human drama…
Ramona should test out compatibility before she starts, umm, seeking a new “habitat buddy”. That gal’s got a lot to learn…

Next for me is ‘The Sphinx Pride’ (already read ‘The Dragon Lantern’) with ‘The Griffin Flock’ expected in Sep.1-add2-barnesnoble 1-add2-kobo zz-animals-fic-read ...more Skye1,592 2

There is something so cute about the idea of kitsune – I seem to be finding them a little bit in the stories that I’ve been reading lately. And, I honestly just love them. Which, of course, meant that I was incredibly keen to dive into a book that was about kitsune and their habits. Or at least, kitsune in the world of Tape. The fact that the kitsune in this is really lonely and needs to find a companion was even better. Plus, then there’s Charlotte, Felicity and all of their friends as they negotiate life working in a sanctuary.

As with all of the books in the Griffin Sanctuary series, I love the amount of detail that Tape uses to create the paranormal creatures which Charlotte takes care of. Taking a kitsune, which is recognisable in folklore, and creating a totally relatable canine that you just want to hug is very cleverly done. I love that this little fox pulls at your heart strings from the very beginning. And, along with Charlotte, you constantly want her to find her happily ever after and companion that she truly needs.

I’m a big lover of pets and loving anything furry that will let me. However, I’ve never been okay with the exotic pet trade. And this story is a bit of a reminder why – the kitsune featured in this was a pet, and therefore unable to thrive in the wild. So, when her two fellow kitsune were released, she was left alone and started to self harm. I mean, this is a really sweet and good read – so it meant that there was a happily ever after for the kitsune. But, it was still a reminder of the damage that the exotic pet trade can have on an individual animal – some animals just aren’t meant to be caged.

As with everything set in this world, I absolutely adored The Kitsune Giggle. Not only did I love getting to know the kitsune’s and the process for finding a companion animal. But I also loved how Charlotte and Felicity took a further step in their relationship. How Charlotte is trying to make inroads to forming a relationship with her fellow apprentices – and the obstacles to that. And just, generally the entirety of this story. A very pleasant read after a difficult day.easy-reading lgbtq paranormal-fantasy ...more Douglas Williamson5,654 29

Our heroine finds herself playing matchmaker for the latest mythical creature in the sanctuary. This is not an easy task, but it might just be easier than handling her own love life.

This is book three of the series, but it does pretty well as a standalone. All the essential bits are covered early on.

This is an urban fantasy story with a FF romance in the wings. The story is well written and easy to read with an intriguing setting. Said setting is well developed and we get to explore some new areas in each book. The characters are great and I love both our heroines. They are great working together and I love watching their relationship grow. Overall. a fun entry in the series and I look forward to seeing where it goes next.

Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout for review purposes. Molly5,234 33

The Griffin Sanctuary is a fun place to read about, with the many and varied supernatural creatures.

The many tailed Kitsune is a lot of fun, with her diva attitude, and her demands for attention. the search for a companion for the formerly domesticated creature is packed full of exotic creatures.

The coworkers and their power and relationships issues are challenging, but fairly common in an academic environment.

Ir is interesting to see Charlotte and Felicity negotiate their way from rival interns to flirtatious friends.

Looking forward to seeing what is in store for them next, as well as what fun creatures Charlie might see during her internship exchange with another institution.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Nancy883 8

Another Griffin Sanctuary Series Book Three

Charlotte is enjoying working at the Griffin Sanctuary and has been promoted to an apprentice veterinarian. She is surprised she has been promoted but is loving her new job. When she is asked to observe and spend time with Kiki, a Kitsune, she is thrilled. That soon changes as the spoiled kit keeps her up all night with her crying and demanding attention. Charlotte is dismayed that she can’t seem to figure out what is wrong but they think she is lonely since her two companions were released. Charlotte is working extra hard and is exhausted and struggling with the “politics” of the sanctuary. An enjoyable read with the mythical creatures.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Judy Gittleson Hendrickson5,588 58

Kiki is the next creature in need of help. She needs a mate but kitsunes are extremely rare. Visual depictions of creatures and locales are vivid and wonderful. Charlotte and Felicity start off vying for the internship but as the storyline progresses, they become more than friends. Loved the animals, all their personalities and powers, and the entertaining situations. Could not put this book down as I could not wait to find out what was going to happen next. This series is becoming one of my favorites and can not wait to read more about this group.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Ana144

As I love animals, this series is perfect for me. Arizona are doing an amazing work, bringing one new mythologic animal in each book and making us believe we are there with Charlotte. :)
And see how Charlotte improve her skills (profissionally and romantically) is really funny.
If you this kind of book, you will love that series. :D

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Christina Luberts2,403 5

Feelings are coming out more we have a Kitsune that is lonely and cannot leave the Sacturary. KiKi cries a lot and wants someone with her. Can they find another animal to be with her? What will Charlotte do to help her? What are her feelings for Felicity? What does Falicity really feel for her? You will enjoy this book just the first two.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Urszula890 5

I AM definitely a fan of the series. I have lovers all books so far. Reality and background are great. Well developed characters and relationships among them add to the story. Great world building. All together a great read.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Suzanne Thomas2

Heart warming

I love this series so much. Who would have thought happiness directly impacts kitsune tails. And Chirp sounds the cutest little creature! The slowly evolving relationship with Felicity makes me smile Ken Thompson557

Arizona has once again fascinated my imagination.
As a kitsune begins to whine a vet at the sanctuary begins a quest to find the vixen a suitable mate.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Kat M3,477 19

this was a beautifully done entry in the Griffin Sanctuary series, it was a great plot with interesting characters. I was invested from beginning to end.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Shannon2,686 20

Great addition to the series. I love how the different types of supernatural beings are woven into the story. Pat 4,031 20

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