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After twenty years of being an outcast in her Wolf Clan, Akira finds herself chosen for the greatest honour possible. She's to become a Guardian Wolf. Suspiciously, a sacred relic needed to complete the ritual has gone missing.

Suddenly it's her duty to retrieve it. Alone.

When she sets off on her journey across continent, she couldn't be less prepared for the perilous and traitorous nature of her quest. An odd group of lone wolves quickly take her in and one of them even claims to be her fated mate, but can they really be trusted?

Akira will have to find out the hard way.
Duty Of The Winter Wolf is the first book in the Guardian Of The Winter Stone series and is an epic fantasy with romance, wolf shifters, and fated mates. It has themes of found family, redemption, and a romantic plot where Akira must choose between her enchanting true mate and a growly alpha wolf.

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How to follow the Great Wolf
I found this to be an interesting commentary of how sects diverge from the main branch. Mysteries abound in religious rituals, leaving our heroine confused when she meets co-. But do they truly follow the same Great Wolf if their beliefs and acts differ from each other?

The author gives us just enough to whet the appetite for discovering the answers – and sets up ‘Choice Of The Winter Wolf’ (expected after mid-September).1-amz-problem 2-add2-indiefant-read zu-wantmoreauthor-read ...more1 Larry2,166 12

I will never understand why we humans make such a fuss over being different. Yes, I have been guilty of it myself and I never d that about myself. The characters in this story have so much potential and I am looking forward to reading the next book. The plot is straightforward and a bit bleak. The premise is finding the Winter Stone stolen by the Coyotes and the village elders send a young 20 yr old to find it. This is all in the name of their obscure religion, they themselves didn't seem to believe in. I think the readers will enjoy this book as much as I have. I do recommend this novella. Rose Brown1,327 11

This first installment introduces Akira, a village outcast. Born with the soul of a wolf, she becomes the Guardian of the Winter Stone, but it's missing. Akira embarks on a journey alone to retrieve the relic. Arizona Tape has given us this short captivating drama, with a mix of fated mates, and intriguing situations, luring the reader deeper into this adventure, woven through with, heartbreaking revelations, danger, and mistrust. I can’t wait to see what the next installment holds.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Anne Dwyer1,364 8

Akira has always been an outcast - so when she is chosen to be the Wolf Guardian, she is hoping for a better life. But the Winter Stonbe has gone missing - and she has to find it. When she meets Aspen and Ashleigh, she has no idea of what is to come. Will they betray her? Or will they help her on her quest? Loved it - cant wait to find out more!.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. J.R.745 3

Akira was told she was an outcast from her "father" .

Akira was chosen from the elders to be a guardian otherwise her"father " was going to kick her out of the house. Akira found out that the Winter Stone had been stolen and her new job/task was to go look for or don't comeback! On her journey she comes across people she had been told were not supposed to be able to shift and a finds someone who tells her she is her mate. O.M.G. What else is she going to find out? Enjoy! Rowan Creech1,013 11

This was a good book where Arizona Tape's writing really thrives with the outcast and various cultures/religions blend for a common cause despite the differences. I really d the main character and I am looking forward to the next installation. Sherryle1,282

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