Diamond Dream: A Dark Mafia Enemies to Lovers Romance (Ruthless Russians Book 2) de Anna Cole

de Anna Cole - Género: English
libro gratis Diamond Dream: A Dark Mafia Enemies to Lovers Romance (Ruthless Russians Book 2)


Anna Cole Publisher: Anna Cole, Year: 2024

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ARC Review
Thank you Booksprout for giving me the ebook

“If they find us, they’ll kill me and take you. And if you
die on my watch, Nik will find a way to resurrect me so that he can
kill me himself.”

I do not think it was necessary to make a duet, it could have ended in one book only. I felt that this book was stretched a lot and only 1-2 best things happened, which was worthwhile reading. Again the MCs are relatable and the author did an amazing job of continuing their story, but their character growth was not seen much in this book and that's where it kinda fell down for me. The characters repeated the same mistakes and same phrases to the point it kind of got annoying.

moral of the story is that finding someone who makes life worth living
is fucking hard. And rare. So don’t throw it away if it happens to you.
Don’t take it for granted, or you might regret it for the rest of your
miserable existence. I know this now. So does Nik. He knows what it’s
to lose someone you love forever.”

The plot twist was very poor, first of all, the author dragged the unknown killer for far too long, and for a mafia, I don't think the leader or pakhan is that stupid to just target one person and not see any other clues. The point when the real killer was known, it didn't even fit the picture, it felt forced and poor execution of the revelation.

“Kiss me, Nik. Kiss me, and I’m yours.”

The best part of this whole duet was the epilogue, that made my day. And I learned 2-3 lines in Russian.

“I told you, remember? Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.” 5 s Magic book club491 57

4,5 stars

The second part of the series was much more dynamic than the first and I enjoyed it. Kat and Nikolai are a perfect match, he is a Russian mafia boss and she is a thief. I their chemistry, connection and witty dialogues. I the series and I can't wait to read the next part.


“After you left this morning, I thought about the night we first met. As

monumental of a night as it was for you and me, we had no idea everything

would change. Forever.” With a teasing glint in her eyes, she brushes her

lips against mine. “I bet you didn’t even know what hit you when you first

saw me across the room.”

“It was the stuff of legends, Kat. The earth moved. Even if I live to be a

hundred years old, I’ll still perfectly remember the way you looked that

night and the devastation you caused in my life. You stole my diamond and

my heart—and I was better for it.”

“And now you have me and your diamond.”

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.2 s Patricia Lord264

I was giving the chance to read this second book as an ARC reader and am glad I was chosen

This is book 2 of the duet.

Nik and Kat still have the pull between them to be together but Nik is not wanting to compromise and Kat is still causing him grief with her strong will and refusing to submit to Nik.
This book is filled with the touch her and die vibe from Nik, steamy smut, action and roller coaster rides of emotions. 2 s Jessica157 9

Satisfying ending to Kat and Nik’s story. Book 2 of the duet seemed steamier and more twisty plot wise. I was so angry with Kat’s attitude half way through I had to take a break. She redeemed herself. Love the HEA. Can’t wait for the next duet! Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read this ARC.2 s Janice Fraser34

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
Thank you to Book Sirens and the author for this book!! 5 stars once again!! i cannot wait for the other books that are going to form this series!! Nik is one of the men of my dreams for the way he loves Kat and Kat loves him the same.2 s Carli49 4

The Dapper Nikolai Stefanovich Bratva Pakhan just so happens to take a fancy to thief extraordinaire Katherine. She took his most valued possession, well, there are some fireworks in the making.
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