Damned Un-English de Andrew Wareham

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Andrew Wareham Year: 2024

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Good News - Bad News

The good news: This is another great story told so well by a great story-teller. Mr. Wareham has once again written a wonderful tale of British society and naval adventure, with fascinating historical insights of pre-World War 1 England. His characters are well developed, likable, wealthy, brave and honorable. A very, very good read which I know you will enjoy as much as I did. The bad news: Another new series with book-2 somewhere off in the distant future. Mr. Wareham is a prolific writer, an amazing history teacher, and a genius at writing the most fascinating stories. I anxiously await the next in this series. Write faster!
Charles Bussell Louis N. Webber28 1 follower

Enjoyed the story. Characters well presented and moved along in a smooth progression. Gave a good recount of early Submarine training and tactics on a basic level. The ending was abrupt and a dead in slam. Seemed a lead in to prep readers for a possible next book but area after last page called for rating book, folllow Author but no mention of a follow up book. Way to leave your readers hanging(but they may not come back if there is a
follow up book)in the breeze.This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full review David3

Looking forward to the series ahead

Thoroughly enjoyed the setup and start of another great Andrew Wareham series. Have enjoyed the previous series set during the first world war and am looking forward to our protagonists story. This was another great book which I couldn't put down. Thanks to such a dedicated author who never fails to deliver. Jim Purcell278

A quite good start to a new series.Wareham’s

Wareham’s latest with a sufficiently unique ship, a submarine, in the very early days of undersea attack boats in WW I. Lots to learn and much technical development for this undervalued and misunderstood service will be needed. Indeed, one of the current upgrades under consideration is using steam power with Flo away funnels. Ben135

Great series start on WWI naval action, similar to his "War to end all wars", but focused on the submarine service. If you have read any of his books, you know what to expect. If this is your first, and you well written, accurate historical fiction, you are in for a treat.

Enjoy Rick35

Great start to a new series

I didn't think I would this book about WWI but I was wrong. I hope the next book is as good but since I am a fan of Andrew Wareham I know it will be great. I just hope the next one comes out before I forget what has happened in this first one. Luis Figarella1 review

Great new storyline

As always with Andrew, easy flowing story full of facts and tidbits, with a windows to a past time.

Bravo Zulu, well done indeed. Steve Short2

Very informative.

Engaging reading, and one learns a lot about early submarines. Looking forward to Book 2, and the author is a speedy writer.
Phillip Mclaughlin503 3

good submarine story of the Great War

Andrew Wareham has done it again this time the Royal Navy and early submarines at the beginning of the Great War.
Highly recommend. Dennis Schneider17 Read

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