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Andrew Cartmel Publisher: Titan Books ISBN: 9781803367934

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The Paperback Sleuth is back!

Yes, Cordelia Stanmer, brother of the execrable Stinky, the Vinyl Detective's nemesis, is in print again. Not to mention, in deadly danger.

Of course Cordelia's much nicer than her brother (though I wouldn't let her into my library and turn my back) and three hundred pages spent in her company was just what I needed among the current gloom (and manky weather). In this story, she's managed to weasel her way back into the yoga ashram from which she was earlier banned for dealing weed - but only if she can track down a cache of rare books that were stolen from the Silverlight Yoga Centre. (No, Cordelia didn't nick them herself). There's a substantial amount of money on offer too, so she sets about the task eagerly - but soon the bodies begin to pile up, and close to home.

the Vinyl Detective stories, Cartmel gives us a great sense of place in this story as Cordelia ranges through Putney and Barnes dodging various perils and meeting up with a number of curious characters (there is a little crossover with the other series, notably in an episode that involves Agatha and Nevada). Apart from the detecting, there's plenty of book-hunting in charity shops, sales and also a focus on food with poor Cordelia constantly baulked in her quest for the fine product from the kitchen of Carrie Quinn, the Curry Queen.

Carmel also has a good eye for character, and from the yummy mummies who seem to represent the modern clientele of the ashram to a medley of more raffish characters who have hung on from its past. he's good at exposing the contradictions and pretensions of modern life (sorry, yes that sentence is my entry for Pseud's Corner, but at the same time, it's true) especially in this perplexing semidetached part of London where buying a shed in the 70s makes you a millionaire in the 20s. I don't think there';s meant to be any moral in all that, but at the same time, the complexity of life and the murkiness of motivation behind the most seemingly noble actions is laid bare.

In Ashram Assassin, at any rate, this complexity also masks the truth about the theft. Red herrings abound and the Sleuth needs all her wits about her, because the disappearance of the books is entwined with an unly history that is rooted in the ashram's past, and which threatens its future - as well as hers.

With sharp characterisation, witty dialogue and abundant surprises, Ashram Assassin is compulsively readable, perhaps (slightly) even more so than Death in Fine Condition, but, above all, simply fun.

Strongly recommended.2 s Nev FountainAuthor 47 books37

Lots of fun. Great plotting and characters.murder-mystery2 s Jen Ryland1,704 931 Read

I LOVED the idea of this book so much: a book collector/dealer who solves mysteries.

Main character Cordelia (named after the Buffy/Angel character, so I tried hard to her) just wasn't the kind of person I wanted to spend an entire book with. I had to keep checking that she was actually a woman, because she came off as one of the most misogynistic characters I've come across recently. I considered the possibility that she was just a misanthrope. Yes, she does seem to have contempt for nearly everyone, but most of her vitriol is directed at other women, calling them bimbos and floozies and shrews. Mousy. Pinch-faced.

Sad but will have to take a pass on this series.

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Thanks to the publisher for providing an advance copy for review!

check-your-feminism-at-the-door1 Martin Maenza784 12

When I see that Cartmel is publishing another of his books, it instantly goes on to my must-read list. I get such joy reading his novels, as they are full of interesting characters, well-described settings, and an enjoyable mystery to boot. This one definitely ticks all those boxes.

Cordelia is a very unconventional protagonist. Paired with the unpredictable turns of the story, this novel makes for such a delightful and fun read. Cartmel continues with his world-building which benefits both this series and his Vinyl Detective series as well.british fiction mystery1 Vernon Walker213

A wonderful companion to the Vinyl Detective series! In this second installment of the Paperback Sleuth, Cordelia is hired to recover valuable yoga texts stole from the ashram that she was banned from (for dealing weed!). Cordelia is a refreshing “hero”: selfish, vindictive, and a tad amoral (as well as bright, enterprising, charming, and beautiful!). The cast of characters is incredibly entertaining and Andrew Cartmel’s humor is unmatched!1 mr a j gough13

Lovely series this is book 2 in Paper back Sleuth series.If you this try Andrew Cartmels other series The Vinyl Detective.
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