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de Amelinda Berube - Género: English
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From the author of Here There Are Monsters comes a chilling supernatural horror that is part terrifying vampire legend and part modern exploration of toxic relationships wrapped up in a novel about hunger, yearning, and loss.
After the sudden death of her perfect, popular older sister, Jo and her family feel empty. But days after crying at Audrey's graveside, Jo stumbles on the impossible: Audrey, standing barefoot in the snowy backyard. But Audrey isn't breathing. She's still marred with the evidence of an autopsy. She's decaying. And worst of all, Audrey is hungry, and only human blood can curb her relentless appetite.
Jo knows she can put her family back together; she just has to figure out how to fix Audrey. She hides her sister and sustains her with her own blood, determined to figure out how to keep Audrey with them. When her search takes her to her sister's grieving inner circle of friends, Jo finds herself drawn into their fold—and to...M.F

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3.5 rounded down

This book was definitely an interesting take on vampires. The author did a great job setting the creepy atmosphere. The book was more thought provoking, than it was gory. Well, except for the end, that did get a bit gory.

The family dynamics were interesting. How the relationship between Jo and her sister, Audrey played out! How the mom appeared to play favorite when it came to her daughters! How the dad seemed to be checked out about the whole thing! The ending was predictable, but still satisfying.

My only real issue was how slow the middle third felt. It started to feel a bit repetitive.

Overall, an engaging and atmospheric YA thriller with an interesting take on vampires and family dynamics! 3 s Bookishmom4ever82 1 follower

What would you do if a loved one suddenly came back from the dead? What would you do if the only way to keep them from rotting into nothingness was to feed them your blood? Would you do it? Would you sacrifice yourself to keep them "alive"? These are all questions that Jo must ask herself when her perfect sister Audrey is suddenly back from the dead. Through this daring novel, Jo must figure out who she is, who her sister is, the good and the bad, and how much she is willing to go for "family." Is she willing to sacrifice everything?

Amelinda Berube's novel was breathtaking in all the best chilling ways. It is a perfect horror novel for young and old adults a. Not only does it keep you wondering what will happen next, but also why it is happening at all. But it is also thought-provoking: What would you do in Jo's place? I read the novel within 24 hours because I had to find out what happened next. While so many questions were answered throughout the story, I was left with a lingering feeling of why! Why did it happen? What caused it to happen, and while not knowing is killing me, it also makes me love the book even more. Well done Amelinda, well done. I highly recommend this novel to YA and adult readers who love it when things go bump in the night.

Disclaimer: While I received a free advanced reader copy of this novel, my thoughts and opinions are my own.netgalley3 s Tori Peiler227 34 Read

DNF at 58%! I’m so sad because the concept of this sounded SO GOOD. I love anything supernatural. But it was honestly really slow and not much was happening. Also when she kissed her sisters boyfriend randomly and d it, that was so out of left field and cringe
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