If You Go de Alice Robinson

de Alice Robinson - Género: English
libro gratis If You Go


When Esther wakes with a breathing tube down her throat, she has no idea where she is or how she got there. In terrible physical condition, Esther is tended to by Grace, the only other person in the building.

In the half-consciousness of her recovery, Esther is desperate to get back to her young kids and grapples with the events of her life as they come flooding back: a childhood spent between warring parents; the demise of her marriage; the struggles she faced when her children were born.

Suspicious of Grace, Esther takes drastic action to escape. But there are certain facts about the reality of her situation—her place in time, her history and her life—that she will need to uncover first.

If You Go is a moving, captivating and unforgettable novel about hope and grief and family, which explores what we inherit and what we pass down.

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