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Alex Grayson Series: Jaded Hollow 02 Publisher: Twisted Fiction Publishing LLC, Year: 2015

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Why did I even open this book? Why? Why? Why?

In my review for for book one of this series, ironically enough, I defended the realism within the pages against several I'd read saying that the level of abuse was too much and the character reactions not authentic. I stand by that review. But...

Here I am in book two, and can you possibly guess why I am about to rip my hair out?!?

I'll Give You 10 Seconds To Explain This Shit

TEN YEARS ?!?!? Ten mfing years?!

By 16%, we know this of the MC's history:

• MCs were childhood sweethearts for years and had been waiting to have sex until her 18th bday.

• He was and still is her brother's BFF.

• On said BDAY he sleeps with another woman.

• He thought it was the FMC and tells us (the reader) that there's so much the FMC doesn't know about that night.

• They continue to live in same town, attend the same family functions, see each other at her workplace... Where she is venomous to him or just ignores him.

• She never gave him a chance to explain.

Now, here we are in present day TEN FUCKING YEARS LATER & suddenly he has decided she must hear him out about the events from her bday.

I'm willing to give this a chance to be some conspiracy, blackmail shit where he couldn't tell her for TEN FUCKING YEARS.

Not the case.

Nope. No reason at all. It's just.. 'oh hell I love her and she's dammed gonna listen to me TEN YEARS AFTER THE FACT! because I'm tired of her refusing to hear me out.'

Unbelievable Time Lapses Are A Theme

The FMC's mom has been hiding a two year romantic relationship from her kids. Why? Oh, just because it's been bad timing for two years.

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The drunken guy the FMC gave her virginity to TEN FUCKING YEARS AGO in this small town & has since become a hooligan regular at her bar.... well, he has never said a single word to her for TEN FUCKING YEARS about taking her virginity TEN FUCKING YEARS AGO . She doesn't even know if he remembers doing it.

Now, TEN FUCKING YEARS LATER , he just randomly brings it up as he is creeping around at night trying to frighten her.

I Need Comfort Food To Continue.. ..

SPOILER SECTION {if you don't want to know what happened on the infamous bday night TEN FUCKING YEARS AGO skip this section! }

• A chick drugs and rapes you.

•She gets pregnant.

•You do not tell your girlfriend this happens.

• Instead, you marry pregnant date-rape chick.

• You stay married to this btart FOR SIX FUCKING YEARS and share a bed with her BUT you NEVER HAVE SEX WITH HER in those SIX FUCKING YEARS?

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Someone owes me 16.99 for that ravioli! Js~

The Kid

SPOILER SECTION {don't read this either if you don't want spoilers.}

Keeping in mind that...

• The MCs dated since she was 14 to his 16 and broke up at 18 after she walks in on him screwing someone else.

• He and her brother are BFF's and remain so TEN YEARS LATER.

• The three people involved never tell ANYONE why they broke up. She just goes about the next ten years seeing him, hating him, and ignoring him.

• Big Bro is one PROTECTIVE MFER.

• Male MC gets married and has baby IMMEDIATELY AFTER breakup... while the FMC becomes an angry hellcat that won't even tell her family why she broke up with the love of her life.

Now, given the above fucking facts of the story, no one, not even overprotective big bro, ever thinks .. ' hey he broke up with my sister & the next month some chick is pregnant and they are getting married ~ hum, mystery solved and BFF status is revoked right after I beat his ass.

Nope. I don't think there's even a suitable meme here~ ?~


Ten years is a long time to be pissed at someone for what you thought they did. I get shit might not suddenly turn rainbows here. But, this FMC is one selfish bitch. As Unbelievable as the whole 10 year thing is, her reaction to the truth makes her utterly unlikable. She believes his story. She even appropriately calls it rape. Yet, she's still mad at him. She's still woe is me over what she lost vs what was taken from HIM, the VICTIM here. She's still blaming her decisions afterward on him. Instead of saying 'holy hell let's make up for time stolen from us,' she's still talking about how she can't get the image of seeing them together out of her head.

Yea, yea ... I get that the author is sending a message about male rape victims here and all. And, I'd bite on that hook, line, and sinker IF the FMC just didn't believe his story or use the word "rape" to describe this. She does though. So, the message is moot and it just makes the FMC an outright ass.

F'off at this point.

I'm Out

I'd rather share an ice cream cone with that craziness ^^ than read one more minute of this BS.

I tolerated the author oversharing details and giving me step-by-step-by-step on every move the characters made in book one BECAUSE the storyline was good and the characters compelling.

This shit here has the same drawbacks WITH NONE OF THE POSITIVES!

The entire premise of the book is 10 years worth of non-communication and head in the sand BS between people that fing see each other everyday in the same small town and who claim to still be the love of each other lives THE ENTIRE TEN FUCKING YEARS. No! Just no!

This book has made me pull the douchedipshit move of OVERCAPITALIZING and my swear jar could buy a FUCKING Coach purse at this point. So, I must leave this hell for the safety of keyboards and small passerby children everywhere!50 s1 comment Vintage2,565 563 Read

I thought I would give this author another try. My mistake.

Just too much torture porn for me. There is drama and angst, then there is manufactured torture porn that defies the imagination and verges on annoying.

I'm not going to leave a rating as it doesn't seem fair.

2020 abuse angsty ...more18 s Natalie ~ The Biblioholic2,665 1,362

In book one, the animosity between Mac and Mia intrigued me, especially as both Bailey and Jaxon witnessed the longing looks they gave each other. Learning that they were in love in the past (and quite possibly in the present), I immediately added this book to my TBR list in order to learn more.

Finding out Mac and Mia's history and what tore them apart was heart wrenching. Finding out that they were apart for 10 years over a misunderstanding was heart breaking. Reading about them rediscovering one another and allowing their love to blossom was heart healing.

Tessa was a crazy witch. She got away with way too much and I'm a little suspicious of Mac's investigative skills because he couldn't figure this out and do something about it. Ten years bro. You can't tell me that not once in those 10 years this Tessa witch didn't act suspect. Shoot, 10 years prior she should have been in jail or at least should have had a psych eval. Who marries their freaking rapist anyway??? Kid or not... hell naw!!. The entire scenario, from start to finish wasn't realistic to me, however, I still enjoyed the book. The characters were endearing and sympathetic.

As in book one, there is a bit of suspense, a moderately slow build to the relationship, a somewhat predictable climax, and a sweet epilogue.

Enjoy! xodual-pov second-chance suspense12 s Ali316

I forced myself to finish this book. I was hoping this would be better than the first, but unfortunately there were so many reasons to dis this book that I am not going to go into them all - I don’t have the energy.

There are a couple of things I want to mention though. The author needs to learn basic mathematics. The incident that broke Mac and Mia up and apparently created Trent was 10 years ago (this is referenced MANY times) and yet Trent is 11 years old. Hmmmm, I don’t know if things work differently in the USA, but where I come from babies are born roughly 9 months AFTER conception, which would make Trent 9 years old (10 at the most, depending on how many months after 10 years the story is set). Do the math, people.

Also, wow, the sexism is just SO rife in this book. Men must drive (even if it’s the woman’s car and they aren’t a couple) so they feel they are protecting the woman from other idiots on the road (presumably all these idiots are men, since they should be the only ones driving!)? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! No, just no! The whole ‘men protecting the women’ line of crap is just bullshit. There are too many examples of sexism and misogyny in this book to comment on them all, but I felt a strong degree of violence towards the characters for having to read that crap (and the author for writing it) .

One of the things that made me the most angry was how Mac’s rape was handled. So Jaxon feels justified in beating the shit out of Mac for ‘hurting’ Mia by being raped while he was drugged - and Mac agrees with this? Seriously, fuck off. So many fucking double standards and bullshit. Let’s just keep blaming the victim whilst also trying make it all ok for Mia. Ugh!!!!!

And, while I’m on that, what sort of idiot decides that, although he was drugged and raped in a very premeditated, planned attack by a lunatic, she is someone you should marry simply because she is pregnant? And then, after sleeping in the same bed with her for SIX YEARS without having sex with her, he decides that, after they are divorced, that she is actually a pretty good mother and so should get primary custody of the child? How can someone who is psycho enough to plan to drug and rape someone and set it up so that her victim’s GIRLFRIEND walks in and sees, be a GOOD MOTHER????

Also, to let this all sit unexplained and festering for 10 years? SO unrealistic. It was just all so unrealistic. And is there any character in this series who hasn’t been raped? And the degree of violence and psychotic behaviour is ridiculous. Not realistic.

What’s also not realistic is that no-one else had any clue why they broke up, just that ‘something happened’. Maybe the fact that another woman turned up a month after Mac and Mia split under circumstances that neither will talk about, pregnant, and he promptly married her? Would that have given them a clue? I dunno, but it seems most people in his town are a little dense.

Just one other little thing - the DNA test that was 99.9% accurate, was a ‘false positive’??? Um, SCIENCE, people!!! That isn’t possible - brothers can have shared markers, but 99.9%? Nope. Not even identical twins. It would have been more credible to say the two crazy people switched the DNA sample - that I could believe, but not that the DNA test was wrong.

And, finally, EDITING and proof reading!!! Sheesh, it was terrible. Wrong words used - some clearly because the author doesn’t understand the meaning of the word or doesn’t know the correct word to use, but many times because it just wasn’t edited properly.

I have so many more issues with this book, but I’m over it now. I forced myself to finish it and now I just want to forget I ever read it. I definitely will not be reading any further books from this author.8 s Lisa Cullinan571 27

Loved Mac ~

Reclaim Me was the story of Mac & Mia. I was dying to know what went on with these two considering that Mia, Jaxson's sister, was was obnoxious as all to Mac, the town's sheriff, in the first book, Shatter Me.
Ten years earlier, when Mia was sixteen and Mac eighteen, something out of Mac's control happened to him at a party and completely damaged Mia. As much as it was disturbing, the part that irked me over and over was how Mia NEVER gave Mac a chance to explain what really happened that night. We're talking ten years here, people. Of course when she does find out, the guilt and remorse from the past hits her a Mack truck (no pun intended, lol). At times, that guilt was a bit repetitive. Also, I just couldn't understand how you could love someone and not let them explain their side of the story. I loved Mac and all his alpha hotness. I couldn't warm up to Mia and her potty mouth.
In all, it was a good read with plenty of twists and turns. The crew from the first book are back as they are all heavily involved in each other's lives. I'd love to know what is going on between Nick and Chris. Alex Grayson pays a lot of attention to details in her books; her characters and places really come alive because of this. Looking forward to Andrew's story. 4 s Megan FallAuthor 13 books350

I really d the first book, but the second book was even better! I loved Max and Mia, and Andrew was hilarious! Great story, great characters....I need more!abuse alpha-male favorites4 s ✮ rach ✮684 107 Shelved as 'dnf'

This author isn’t for me. Her heroines are either annoying or doormats. Sometimes both. And the heroes aren’t even worth mentioning.

4 s Kim BlackAuthor 35 books492

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

I loved Book 1 of The Jaded Series and I am happy to say that Book 2 is absolutely awesome!!!

I had no idea what to expect from Mac and Mia but one thing I knew for sure was that this would be a hella emotional read and of course it was!

Mia has been avoiding listening to Mac for 10 years! After she walked in on what seemed to be an unforgivable act, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. He broke her heart and she would never be the same again. But Mac, isn't hearing it anymore. He is determined to explain what happened to her and hope that once she knows the truth they can start anew.

In the beginning, I wanted to shake Mia many times to get her to stop and listen to Mac. I was eager to hear what had happened to them that had caused the sweet, innocent love they once shared to be destroyed. Nothing could have prepared me for when the truth was revealed. What Mac went through was heartbreaking and the fact that he blamed himself so much for Mia's pain made me love him more even though it really wasn't his fault.

I couldn't help but message the author several times while reading this story. Each time I reached a new turn in the plot, I PMed her... Lol, I laughed a lot, yelled a lot and screamed even at my kindle once the players were made known.

In the end, I LOVED LOVED LOVED Reclaim Me and I would absolutely recommend this installment to my friends. Ms. Grayson is a wonderful writer and I am looking forward to reading more from her.3 s Nichole WatsonAuthor 3 books29

Welcome back to the Hollow. The characters we met and fell in love with are back. I have been patiently,as much as I possibly could, waiting for this since I read the last word in Shatter Me. I was in need of more of the characters but I was also in need of more of the wonderfully written words from this author, I wasn't disappointed. When you read a debut book and it literally burrows it's way into your soul you hope that the next books can live up to the experience that was had when you read the first book and I can honestly say book two met it and more. After reading Shatter Me the reader was left mouth gaping and heart breaking for the characters we met. In book two we follow Mia and Mac a couple with a history that went bad. Mia is guarded and broken from the events that caused her and the one who was to be her forever to be anything but that. Mac is a determined man and won't give up trying to fix the hurt he has caused her. He lives to see the genuine smile she gives to others be given back to him, because she is his.A story of love, mistakes, and second chances you will be so lost in these characters that before you know it you'll be me anxiously waiting for the next story. These stories have depth, strong characters and the good steamy stuff that leaves you wanting more. This author has become an instant one click author on my list.3 s Sarah Armstrong653 18

***ARC gifted to leave an honest review***

Wow, what a book Alex. You blew me away with Shatter Me, then we get the second book & it is phenomenal.

This is about Mia, Jaxon's sister & Mac, the Sheriff & Jaxon's best friend. These two had quite a history & there was definitely hostility between them in book 1, & with this book we get their history both individually & as a couple.
At times this was heartbreaking, the things they both had to endure were awful. They had many wasted years, they were both stubborn with each other, but it did shape them into the adults they became.
I loved all the characters & it was great catching up w/ Jaxon & Bailey.
This book definitely had its sexy moments, Mac is one hot Sheriff!!
I loved the meaning behind the seashells, brilliant. And at the beginning of every chapter, let me just say, it will make you fall in love with Mac.

Can't wait for book #3. Nick & Chris I'm hoping!! And maybe one for Andrew, I love that guy!!

Thank you for giving me the chance to read this!! 3 s Christy McCurry553 19

This is one fabulous read.

The character development of this story is Phenomenal. I loved that I was able to feel an attachment with the secondary characters as well as Mia and Mac. Andrew I simply adore him and his witty shirts. Jaxon, Bailey, Karen, Ethan, Chris, and Nick I fell for them all. I can not wait for Nick's story my heart hurt for him.

Alex Grayson has completely blown me away with this compelling story of two childhood sweethearts torn apart by very cruel and unfortunate circumstance. Now 10 years later Mac is done letting Mia turn away from him, he is determined to make Mia listen to him. He has a story to tell her about that fateful night their lives was forever changed.

Will it make a difference? Will Mia be able to put the past behind her? or Will the past come back and destroy them both?

I was graciously provided an ARC copy for an honest review.

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3 s Cindy1,305 88

Read 6 years ago,re read today Incredible ow drama!.First time I read was not even familiar with the term,lol.Anyhow, this is a unique,twisted,emotional plot heavy on unusual non consent and on a more positive note.. tells of a long-standing love finally reaching fruition.appearance-of-cheating betrayal hea ...more3 s AJ's Book ReMarks1,408 38

Long lost love

What happens when your crushing on your brother's best friend as a kid, than falling in love until one night something happens to change everything? Ten years later the past comes back with a vengeance until you realize your feelings have never really changed at all!2 s Dani227 6

I tried to this, but in the end I just couldn't. I honestly only downloaded this for the angsty crazy ow shenanigans, but the story had me thinking they're all idiots. I mean 10 yrs... 10 yrs to get the truth out! AND they live in the same damn town and H is bff's with h's brother. Now major SPOILERS. Do not continue reading if you don't want to know. H Mac was drugged and raped by crazy ow. But of course the h Mia walks in on them assuming exactly what she's seeing. I won't get into the specifics of how it happened and who else was involved, but the H decides to keep the info that he got raped to protect Mia and let her continue to hate him. Until 10 yrs later he decides it's been too long and she needs to hear the truth. Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks that's dumb. The kicker? Within those 10 yrs he's married to the ow for 6
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