Esmeralda & Escarlata de Alejandro Ashes

de Alejandro Ashes - Género: English
libro gratis Esmeralda & Escarlata


Alejandro Ashes Publisher: anonymous, Year: 2024

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Great and unique read!

Very impressed with the book.
It’s goes beyond the normal steam punk genre, blending adventure with technology. Even the explicit concept is in the right place and goes along with the story. 1 Sofia3

Intense and at times grimdark in tone, at other times comic-book in its unapologetic absurdity, it was a mix of a few genres (not fully steampunk, a third cyberpunk and a fair bit of Clive Cussler/Vince Flynn type of spy fun). Some supernatural (or just cosmic sci-fi? don't want to spoil) elements, but all in all rooted in a sense of realism (even with dominatrix-nuns and airships lol!). I'm not a Kindle Vella guy, so once he releases the main Esmeralda series it belongs to in ebook form, will see how these three deadly damsels are featured in it.1 Steven Wade142 1 follower

Sin city alt

Great female characters, strong and capable. Interesting use of steampunk for the story. Cross between Sin City and Blade runner. Not a perfect story, but entertaining and lusty. James Adams45 2

Not too bad

Not my cuppa tea but for a short story it was nice. Found the book to be dry and unfilling. I'm not in to shorty stories. Michael Fenton1 review

Heavy metal erotica at its finest! Tina Riffe14

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