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de Adele Parks - Género: English
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Emma, a wealthy, independent, sensible CEO, has long put her chaotic childhood at the hands of alcoholic parents behind her. When she meets Matthew, a widower, gentle, interested and full of admiration for her success, they quickly fall into a serious relationship.
Her best friends, Heidi and Gina, are initially delighted, but when Emma gets engaged after just three months, they panic. Matthew says the death of his first wife means he believes in seizing the day. And Emma says she's in love and that’s all that matters.
And yet, Emma can’t shake the feeling that she is second best. Matthew would not be with her if his first wife was still alive. And so, she becomes obsessed, haunted by the memory of a woman she never met. Strange things start to happen. Emma feels watched. Objects are broken or disappear. And then an incident reveals Emma’s very life is in danger.
Matthew thinks she’s drinking too much, like her father did.
Heidi and Gina think Matthew is gaslighting her.
Emma thinks she’s being haunted…or is she being hunted?..M.F

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This roller coaster epic had me gripped with plot twist after another and pov of the main 3 characters. It started off a slow burner in order to get you to care about emma and then the action just kept coming. I did gueese the final twist and loved the final act. So skillfully written all the characters were developed and the pov style was emotive. This is worth the lengrh a highly recommended 5 star read. Thank you netgallery and publisher and author.6 s Mark1,363

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‘First Wife’s Shadow’ by Adele Parks published July 4th by HQ, link in comments

392 Pages

Firstly the writing, its sharp and descriptive and full, no short chapters or missed words to hurry things along, I would say its impeccable and invigorating to read, this author uses words to our, the readers, advantage

This then goes a way towards negating the unbelievability aspects in the story, which so I don’t ruin the story wont say much about except that they are there and are enough to make you question the main character Emma and also the apparent benign village neighbours who miss nothing except vital information such as people’s surnames and weddings….

There are twists, some I saw, some I kinda wondered about and some threw me off completely

Never once did I even consider not finishing it, the writing on the whole ( if not the story ) is too inspiring for that5 s Jacqueline4

✨️ARC - Releasing July 2024
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