The Tenth Muse: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure de A. F. Kay

de A. F. Kay - Género: English
libro gratis The Tenth Muse: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure


A. F. Kay Publisher: Black Pyramid Press, Year: 2024

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This book felt too much a filler and threading for next books.

Too many (old) story lines left open, not addressed, forgotten, put on hold (as if reality can wait)

Too many (new) things came up, magic systems/capabilities heretofore unknown to any. Why introduce now, and place the MC’s at ‘level one’ again? Why nerf them so?

Was just annoying, as previous books were quite good.

Seems writer is suffering from creativity exhaustion or something, or plot is dried up and he’s looking for other plots/hooks.

Bummer Samuel21

another great book

I have been following this author since his third book of this series. They are all great and the end of this book has an unexpected twist at the end and leaves you wanting to know what happens next. Of course it’s the main character’s own fault Shade’s first Rule: “you only have yourself to blame”. And you should be blaming yourself if you don’t read this series it’s fun William Howe1,562 68

Moar powah

Okay, so, this whole thing has gone so far off the rails from where it started. Really not surprising, as we are now in the 10th book.

Still the same hijinks between the MC and his best friend. Pastries remain an odd topic. And the MC continues to grow.

I still love this stuff. I will pre-order 11 as soon as it is available. Donna132 2

irritating, wait for the next one, read together.

Terrible ending. This ending over one that could have felt an actual conclusion better be necessary! Some readers act we’ve enjoyed this series, shouldn’t it be over already? Because it’s getting to complicated. I get it. This series is a lot. Isn’t this everything litRPG is meant to be though? Randy Wright5

Series just keeps getting better and better. Has now become my number three best LitRPG series, just behind 'The Grand Game' and 'Dungeon Crawler Carl"

Now I have to wait six months for the next book, which sucks! David M Drewry60 3

Get Better Every Book

As usual this book continues to give more on how the main characters grows in his abilities to Devine as well as his friends. Took a twist at the end and looking forward to see how this story continues on. Josiah Ploeger96 5

Another Excellent Entry

Ruwen and friends continue to get up to nonstop trouble. Loved the book and am excited to see where the next takes us. Darren502 10

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